Post-social web perception syndrome

    The modern web is best characterized by the term “social”. Unlike web blogging (web 2004-2006) web social has attracted more users. It is simpler and more accessible, it does not require special mental frills from the user, but only the presence of time that can be killed on the Web. Of course, I exaggerate - for someone - to kill, for someone - to work. Someone uses social networks for entertainment and pastime, someone - to be in touch, to be known to their colleagues and other important things for their work.

    The social web has its drawbacks - online activity to one degree or another puts the user's life on display, makes it not personal, but public. At Odnoklassniki we post our photos, in My circle we tell when we started looking for work, on VKontakte we describe our preferences in detail, in LiveJournal and on Photos. Yandex we post photos of ourselves and loved ones and talk about everyday activities. Now all this can be made even easier on Twitter.

    The online activity of a new adherent of the modern web can be quite high. People spend a lot of time leading an active online life.

    However, I have more than once seen in people a change in their online behavior. Which I called the post-social web perception syndrome. It occurs when a person with might and main has "fed up" with online sociality and minimizes it to the necessary minimum. It ceases to update LiveJournal, minimizes activity in other social networks, in professional ones, however, this activity remains at the necessary level, as does the activity of a professional blog. But not more. Excessive activity of online life, tired and proving its surrogate, is reduced to "no", more precisely - is brought to the desired level.

    I do not think that many users suffer from this syndrome. Moreover, I believe that it mainly affects users who are busy on the Internet not only in their free time, but also during working hours. But not only they, maybe other people. For example, those who are disappointed in online activity, who are tired of it or who have outgrown it - there can be many reasons.

    So far, there are not many cases of post-social syndrome of perception of the web, but there are enough of them to conclude that such a syndrome is present. Have you observed this - at home or with your friends?

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