ESET: headquarters in Bratislava. Visiting Android.

    The leadership of the Russian representative office of ESET recently returned from the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava - the company's historical homeland.

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    Attempt to enter ESET office. Android is calm. Despite the fact that the technical director of ESET is armed to the teeth with baseball bats, Android easily distinguishes souvenir weapons from the real ones and recognizes “his own” in Grigory Vasiliev. No false positives.

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    The stylish GUI of ESET products is far from the only thing that pleases the eye! Take the ESET green reception desk, designed in a futuristic style.

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    Convenient antivirus solution management, convenient settings ... comfortable seats as a continuation of the logical series. Convenience testing is confirmed by reputable experts - the head of the Russian representative office of ESET Andrei Albitov and IT Director Pavel Potasuev.

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    This is not a shot from a movie about the future, but a viral laboratory. ESET virus analysts analyze and classify submitted suspicious samples, then create signatures to detect malicious samples and treat the infection. Funny detail: the reflection of light on the glass gives the impression that there are flying ships outside the windows.

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    However, in fact, in the courtyard of 2009. If you look closely, then from the office window you can see not only Bratislava, but also the enormous opportunities and prospects of ESET around the world.
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