Flex, distributed scientific calculations and monetization of some Internet projects

    When I was working on my dissertation, I was faced with the problem of a lack of computing power for the simulation of the process under study. At that time, I got out of the kindness of the people around me, who allowed me to use two computer classes of Omsk State University around the clock for two summer months. Fortunately, the plan of my experiment allowed me to manually “distribute” the processed data among computers and everything ended quite successfully. However, the question was stuck in my mind about other options for the distribution of calculations. And so I had an idea ...

    I recently introduced the basics of Adobe Flex technology. Quite powerful, well-developed technology (offtopic: according to my observations, developing control panels in Flex is still more heroic than merit, although this use is often mentioned). Of course, it has not yet implemented everything necessary, but for my idea everything that Flex needs is there.

    Also, I got to know the work of file hosting. And he noted one, almost common feature among them - with a free download, please ask the user to wait a few seconds. The second counter is “attached”.

    So I got the idea of ​​a service “startup” that would:

    1. accept applications from those wishing to distribute the processing of their calculations. Obviously, it is better to do this in the form of ready-made computational algorithms in ActionScript3.
    2. Conducted additional preparatory refinement of the “calculating” module, which will continue to be: located on web pages, contact the server for its “piece” of data and send the calculation result back to the server.
    3. agreed with file hosting sites or any other interested sites on the cost and procedure for placing the “calculating” module in certain (logical for the user) places of the site.

    As a result, everyone should be satisfied: a visitor going to the site “paid” for some service he needed by letting him “take advantage” of the computing power of his computer. Calculation customer - receives calculated data (it would be interesting to estimate how many teraflops such a “system” would show?) At a very reasonable price and time. The startup earned almost nothing by doing :) quite a decent amount.

    Of course, not all tasks can be distributed. But there are such tasks. Otherwise, supercomputers would not have been created and developed.

    At the moment, I do not have the opportunity and visible prospects to independently develop this idea. Therefore, I submit it to the discussion of the habrasociety. It would be interesting to hear both the views on the proposed architecture and the ideas of tasks that could be used to break in the finished system.

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