Web Mail Integration in Opera 10

    The new assembly of Opera 10 (Build 1229) includes a new feature that allows users who click on the mailto link to go to compose letters in various web-based email services, for example: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Hotmail. This is very convenient for people using webmail instead of the installed email client.

    Opera Web Mail

    With a clean installation, clicking on the mailto link will open a dialog box where you can choose between Opera Mail (M2), the system client, and several web services. When you select a mail provider and check “Do not show this dialog again”, all such links will open in it. You can change the settings in “Preferences> Advanced> Programs”.

    In the current implementation, the substitution of links is supported entirely with “mailto:”, and many mail providers understand only separate parameters. How to fix it and put the service you need is written by Tim Altman .

    As Anne van Kesteren (a representative of Opera Software in the W3 HTML 5 and CSS 3 workgroups notes, if I'm not mistaken ) browserssupport third-party protocols and content so that sites can be listed without forcing the user to edit any settings.

    In addition, I want to remind you about the integration of rss readers in the Opera.

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