Which heart rate monitor to choose in the new season: compromise solutions within three or four thousand rubles

    Throughout the winter, we honestly prepared for a new sports season, and to date, of all the samples, not so much has come. We want to show you a few copies that are worth in price and quality to be on the chest or wrist.

    The theme of choosing heart rate monitors about sharply once a year. Today there are several basic versions: on the wrist, on the chest + smartphone, on the chest + watches and in the ears. The last option, the heart rate monitor, is not as widely represented and not replicated by many.

    From breastplates the most interesting at the price today will be Nexx - 1 690 rubles.

    In addition to being reliable and accurate, this heart rate monitor works with other applications. As an ordinary Bluetooth sensor, it quietly sends data to Endomondo, Strava, Runtastic Pro and other popular software. Also synchronized with sports watches and simulators (5.3 kHz).

    Minuses? - Unlike the more expensive model of the same Nexx - HRM02- the sensor in this version and the belt are one. Is it good or bad, convenient or not? - At a cost of 1 690 rubles, it is more correct to say: “a compromise solution”.

    Watch + belt

    This type of heart rate monitor is not always additionally synchronized with applications. Suitable for the adult generation, which in the bulk is still “not friendly” with smartphones. And also for those who do not feel the need to track trends.

    Inexpensive "couples" - this is primarily Sigma. The rectangular PC 3.11 model works with its chest belt, which, by the way, is made by analogy with the Nexx, that is, along with the sensor.

    What is convenient. Continuous pulse right before your eyes. High autonomy and no need to recharge (CR2032), moisture protection.

    Than uncomfortable. In the younger model there is no indication of zones. But the cost of the kit is only 2 289 rubles.

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    Lifetrak Train A

    new product from Lifetrak, which suddenly appeared in the final of last year. It works on the same principle as Sigma: data from the belt to the watch.

    Slightly more stylish design + customizable zones with a warning of the transition. It is worth a little more expensive Sigma - 2 490 rubles.

    Croise Urban

    Sports bracelet in the form of an activity tracker: a thin band. This did not prevent to equip it with a fairly accurate optical sensor, comparable in performance to more expensive models.

    Of the benefits. The possibility of tracking several sports with a constant pulse. The pulsometer is like a “3 in 1”: the tracker makes occasional measurements, measurements at a given interval and shows a constant pulse.

    Of the minuses. All the same constant pulse: during a workout, if a smartphone is in front of your eyes, then you see heart rate data every second, everything is fair. But he writes in his memory - with only a minimum interval: every 3 minutes .

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