Scandal: Obama spotted Zune

    Future President Barack Obama noticed the Microsoft Zune player. Millions of Americans now want to take their votes back. In the week since the advent of “compromising evidence”, the scandal flared up to an unimaginable scale.

    It all started when a journalist drew attention to a player during a visit to Obama for an interview. It happened in the gym, where Obama was engaged in fitness and listened to music during exercises. The keen eye of the journalist drew attention to the model of the player, and she immediately reported this sensational news in the newspaper Philadelphia's City Paper. The note was released on December 2 and instantly spread across dozens of online and offline publications. A real scandal erupted, it is already called Zunegate , by analogy with the famous Watergate.

    Naturally, Obama’s headquarters hastened to disavow suspicions that their president was actually using, as some bloggers say, “the ugliest MP3 player on the market.” The PR service hastened to assure that the president is an adherent of the iPod and he has no Zune, and all the press reports are nasty insinuations. An official denial is published in the Wall Street Journal .

    During the election campaign, Obama repeatedly emphasized that he uses Apple products (in particular, he works with the "MacBook" that his wife bought him ).

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