Download Vista in 4 seconds

    The manufacturer of budget motherboards ASRock (a division of Asus) said that on its "motherboards" the boot time of Windows Vista can be reduced to only 3-4 seconds if you download the latest BIOS firmware. This speed is achieved by “fraudulent” manipulations with the kernel of the operating system (calls S3 and S4 for “sleep” modes are initiated by the motherboard, even if the user simply turns off the computer).

    The process is controlled by the Instant Boot system in the BIOS on the motherboard. The "fast" mode with a download speed of three to four seconds is the analogue of the usual "sleep" mode. In the "normal" Instant Boot mode, the process takes 20-22 s (analogous to "deep sleep"), but here you can not be afraid of power loss in the mains when the computer is supposedly "turned off".

    You can watch a demo video under the habrakat (it seems that they did it right at the Chinese motherboard collection plant, the whole room is in the wires there).

    According to the developers, Instant Boot works cleaner than normal recovery from sleep mode and supposedly does not leave “accumulated garbage data” in memory. This is probably an exclusively marketing statement. In fact, ASRock motherboards simply do not allow you to turn off the computer normally, which is touted as some significant technical achievement.

    New firmware with Instant Boot can be downloaded here . Boards supported on AMD 780G, 790GX and Intel P45, P43 chipsets are supported.

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