The best startups of October

    While the global financial system is crashing and putting startup culture at risk on the one hand, and Pavel Durov and his team are launching UserApi and changing the startup culture on the other hand, I offer you the third monthly selection of the best startups of the month - “Good start”. In this collection, I returned to the original form of presentation of the material. There are no categories in front of you, but there are only 10 of the best October projects.

    10 place

    A very relevant startup that keeps its finger on the pulse of the global financial and economic crisis. The project is also very notable for the fact that, according to the developers, it was created in just two days. A sort of "Startup in 48 hours." On the project, you can talk about the crisis, read the crisis encyclopedia and watch a video on the topic.

    Alexander Zverev (Developer):“You need to start quickly. It was obvious to us. Make a cool portal, convenient, beautiful and functional - no time. In RuNet, there are enough smart people who want to get ahead of us. The goal of the project is to create a platform where people can communicate about the crisis. The crisis is discussed on all popular Runet resources, which means that a special resource dedicated specifically to the crisis may be in demand. In addition, the video content that we will collect for the e-Headquarters can be “diluted” with crisis issues and individual stories can be edited. ”

    9th place

    image is a very entertaining online store. In it you can buy something, I don’t know what. Having ordered a product for $ 10 you will receive it from the project warehouse. But until you receive the goods, you will not know what it is. The only thing you can find out is what other people got who bought a "pig in a poke".

    Nikolai Kulikov (Founder of the project): “Once, with my colleagues, we had a“ brainstorming ”on the topic of interesting ideas for websites, and someone came up with the idea of ​​selling“ cats in a poke ”. Initially - as a joke, but having found an American analogue in the vastness of the Web, we thought that the idea was quite working. ”

    8th place

    image is a news feed that publishes messages about interesting new products, promotions and discounts on already sold ones, and tips on how to sell what you already managed to buy. A sort of commodity Habr, UGC paradise for the consumer. The project idea is very interesting, and can be very useful for many people.

    astroverse (Developer): “For a long time I wanted to have a subscription to some kind of feed where all interesting new items are published as they appear in Russian retail, so as not to rack my brains every time so I would buy something so interesting, not wander aimlessly between the shelves of shopping centers , and do not rave about looking for the dates of the sale of the things that interest me. I waited, believed, hoped, but in the end I came to the trivial conclusion that everything in this life has to be done by yourself. ”

    7th place

    TurboJob decided to bring the job search market on the Internet to the web 2.0 and simplify everything to the maximum. In order to post your vacancy you do not have to fill out a huge questionnaire, just indicate the scope, profession and skills in the form of a message. The design is also made in the spirit of minimalism, so that nothing distracts from the essence - from the search for work and performers.

    Developers: “We do not offer applicants to fill out sophisticated forms just so that the resume falls into dishonest hands. To find a job, you just need to respond to vacancies of interest.
    "We do not charge employers and recruitment agencies for posting vacancies and do not try to force them to perform optional procedures just to be heard."

    6th place

    SingEnglish.Ru is a project of original and fun learning English through listening to songs. You listen to the song in small pieces, and after listening to each piece you must enter the words that you heard there. If you can’t make out the word, then you can ask for a word, but you will only have 15 such prompts per song.

    Alexey Konyshev (Developer):“Firstly, this is a training in audio perception. Listening to English is traditionally one of the most difficult places to learn English. This skill can only be acquired through ongoing training. The Sing-English method makes training somewhat more fun and much more accessible than tutoring. Secondly, vocabulary. When replenishing the vocabulary, it is important that the words and the context of their use remain in the memory for a long time. The words of your favorite song remain in your memory forever. In fact, you will always remember every word you guessed. ”

    5th place

    The launch of this project is timed to the end of the family year. He offers his users to restore family values, and create their own family tree, combining all his relatives and indicating the relationship between them. The authors hope that the project will become a real archive of family annals.

    From the press release:“By registering on GenWay, a user can build an online family tree, create a textual database of facts from the lives of relatives, keep a calendar of family events and save multimedia information (photos, videos, audio, personal creativity). Note that the portal has agreements with the International Genealogy Agency and will provide additional opportunities: conducting a classic genealogical research, developing emblems, family diplomas and albums, making family dishes. ”

    4th place

    image A
    project that allows you to find out where your city has Wi-Fi access points, whether they are free, what signal strength and speed they have. The system itself determines your location and shows you maps of the city in which you are currently located.

    Pavel Markovnin (Developer): “Of course, similar services already exist (for example, Yandex and Mail), but all of them, in my opinion, are inconvenient and, moreover, exist only as part of some great service. From my point of view, the simplest thing is to look for points on the map. This is the most obvious and easiest way. "

    3rd place

    image Invite.Ru
    is a platform for organizing mass meetings. Project services allow you to make a beautiful invitation, and send it to the necessary people, in addition there is the opportunity to arrange a vote for the choice of venue, meeting time. Tools are given for building a community around a specific meeting - you can create topics, discuss the nuances of the meeting, post photos after the meeting (maybe it is worth taking note of the organizers of the meeting of startups?)

    Julia Krylova: (Developer):“You can explore all the features of the site in a few minutes with one click on the link“ Site Tour ”, which is located on the main page in the upper left corner. You will see a screen with screenshots of the entire site, having looked at which you should have no doubt about how the site is organized and what you can do on it. You can also see an example of one of the invitations in the form in which your guests will see it. ”

    2nd place

    image A
    gift is a community of donating each other various personal assets - things, opportunities, time, etc. On the project, a new mp3 player was already donated for free, and the project itself and its founder managed to light up on the Poster and on the Mayak.

    Maxim Karakulov (Founder): “Suddenly it became obvious that using the Internet you can create all the necessary conditions for people to be able to give each other their things - absolutely free and free - as it was possible before only in the circle of very close people. And moreover, it became possible to involve the whole world in this process! The idea, which used to seem utopian, suddenly became absolutely normal and tangible. ”

    1st place

    image is news 2.0. Firstly, the usual, for news feeds, text content here is diluted with video content. Secondly, the portal plans to include reporters in real time. The project relies on reverse switching with readers, and believes that they will be able to make news and influence the current state of affairs. It seems very convenient to search for news on the tag cloud.

    Irina Subbotina (PR-manager):“In fact, we are taking a step forward from news broadcasting on the Internet, towards converting with video and television technologies. We believe that this is the future, this is confirmed by the latest trends that are occurring in the market. Windows, together with Yahoo, are developing special chipsets that will enable interactive television. The farther, the more popular broadband channels will be, the more video information on the network will be, including video of a diverse, personalized, interactive, real-time information delivery »

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