LiveJournal is losing Kazakhstan? Another witch hunt ...

    An extremely interesting situation with LiveJournal is happening now in Kazakhstan.
    From the evening of October 7, access to LiveJournal services was lost.
    Moreover, access using anonymizers, proxies, and even just calls to mirror addresses - exists and works well. But getting to the server directly does not work.
    Today is the 13th, however, the causes of the problem have not been found, at least not voiced. Many assumptions are being built.
    The discussion thread on the Center of Gravity forum is here ...
    The first and main idea of ​​the majority: the live journal is closed by order of the President personally. Due to the fact that the blog of the famous oppositionist and scandalous relative of the President Rakhat Aliyev is open on it.
    Oddly enough, this idea is perceived by almost everyone as the only true one.
    Users do not want to take into account even their own printouts of the site trace, which clearly show that the stop occurs directly at the LJ addresses. Moreover, the neighboring address ( opens without problems and access to the logs through it is also carried out without problems.
    Statements by technical experts that a problem is being sought and that it will be solved is also not counted.
    It is also noteworthy that this particular version was accepted by information services and agencies: , ,
    Open ,
    Ural Public Monitor , , ,
    Rosbalt , ,
    Reuters ...
    List, I think , if you wish, it will easily continue even Google ... :)

    It seems that the situation also developed in 2005 , when, due to a technical accident at a meal, LJ services were unavailable for several hours around the world. Then the Russian government was blamed.

    The few voices who try to soberly assess the situation and consider it from a different angle simply remain unanswered.

    Conclusions to which one can come to be disappointing:
    1. The technical level of network users is so low that they simply are not able to perceive the received technical information.
    2. It is extremely advantageous for certain circles to present the situation in the light of the conspiracy, totalitarian, world light, or vice versa, a small-town conspiracy (underline what is necessary).
    3. After the LiveJournal issue is resolved, the situation will be remembered precisely as a government blocking a live journal, and not as a technical or organizational malfunction.

    Today in the kzletter communityThe collection of signatures for a letter directly to the management of SUP, Chairman of the Board of Directors Andrew Paulson, has been announced. The letter will be sent on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Follow the news… :)

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