About e-book readers

    Here in one of the Radio T podcasts , dear Messrs. Umputun & Bobuk raised the question - why the heck goat button accordion reading room books touch screen? In principle, I agreed with Monsieur Rosnovsky (who spoke about search and notes), but I would like to add one very important point.

    If you read a lot of literature in a foreign language (especially fiction), then the presence of a dictionary can hardly be overestimated. For me, the presence of a dictionary on the reader is the determining criterion, at the moment I have AlReader + Lingvo 12, in connection with the transition to the iPhone I will need to think something new. But I will not go to the e-book precisely because there are no dictionaries yet and are not expected.

    However, having a touch-screen provides two important features:
    1. Type a word on the on-screen keyboard
    2. Even more important - just poke a word on the screen and get its translation - that’s how it works for me now.
    How much this saves time, I can’t even convey, and this is exactly what seems to me one of the potentially key ways to use touch-screen in readers.

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