New DWS 3D Printers for Professionals

    At the international exhibition of additive technologies Formnext 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, the Italian company DWS showed in action the actual 3D-equipment of its own production - a unique photopolymer 3D printer for dentistry DFAB , the main line of desktop SLA-printers XFAB and high-performance professional XPRO machines .



    • Operating temperature ° C: 15-25;
    • Humidity%: 60;
    • Dimensions, mm: 480 x 480 x 1142;
    • Weight, kg: 40;
    • Power consumption, W: 200;
    • Software: Nauta Photoshade parametric editor;
    • File Formats: .stl, .natura, .ficor;
    • Working chamber, mm: 50 x 20 x 40;
    • Specialization: Dentistry;
    • Printing technology: SLA;
    • Display, inches: 7;
    • Embedded operating system: Windows 10;
    • Price: on request .

    The dental 3D-printer DFAB, working on the SLA technology, is intended for the rapid production of dental prostheses - the five-element bridge, ready for installation, will be printed in less than 20 minutes. The DWS Photoshade system helps to accurately select the desired color of the prosthesis. For printing, cartridges with biocompatible photopolymer are used.


    The basic lineup of XFAB desktop SLA printers includes 3 basic models and several modifications.

    DWS XFAB 2000

    • Operating temperature ° C: 15-25;
    • Humidity%: 60;
    • Dimensions, mm: 400 x 606 x 642;
    • Power supply, V: 100 - 240;
    • Software: Fictor XFAB Edition, Nauta XFAB Edition;
    • File formats: .stl, .slc, .nauta, .fictor, .mkr, .3dm, .3ds, .ply, .obj, .lwo, .x;
    • Working chamber, mm: Ø180x180;
    • Printing technology: SLA;
    • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher;
    • System requirements: 2 GB of memory, video card compatible with OpenGL I / O, USB port, an active Internet connection;
    • Specialization: design, architecture, advertising, prototyping, medicine, souvenir industry, jewelry, education, dentistry;
    • Layer thickness from, micron: 10;
    • Interfaces: USB:
    • Price, rubles: 627 551 (approximately, learn the exact price on the website ).

    The entry-level XFAB 2000 3D printer is a great solution for both engineering prototyping and educational purposes. It has a cylindrical construction area with a diameter and height of 18 centimeters and a layer thickness from 10 to 100 microns.

    The other two models, XFAB 2500 and XFAB 3500 , depending on the modifications, can be used in the jewelry, fashion, dental, engineering industries - everywhere where fast, high-precision and stable 3D printing is needed.


    • Operating temperature ° C: 22-25;
    • Humidity%: 60;
    • Dimensions, mm: 704 x 1446 x 2048;
    • Weight, kg: 500;
    • Power consumption, W: 500;
    • Software: Nauta Photoshade parametric editor;
    • The file formats are: .stl, .slc, .dws3, .dws2, .mkr, .3dm, .ply, .3ds, .obj, .lwo, .x;
    • Working chamber, mm: 300 x 300 x 300;
    • Specialization: Industry;
    • Технология печати: SLA;
    • Тип лазера: твердотельный голубой;
    • Тип отклоняющей системы: гальванометр;
    • Управление: встроенный компьютер с сенсорным экраном;
    • Управляющее программное обеспечение: Fictor
    • Цена: по запросу.

    XPRO, the flagship line of DWS photopolymer printers, includes two models — S and Q. Such devices are suitable for work where a large amount of construction is required: in design bureaus, laboratories, medium and large businesses, and 3D printing services. The older model, Q, is different from the S model by the presence of four lasers - this greatly speeds up the printing process.

    All DWS 3D printers work only with specially designed photopolymers .

    The company has more than three dozen resins for a variety of applications - dental, for direct casting, resistant to high temperatures, imitating stone, transparent, flexible, and very durable.

    Looking for a professional stereolithography 3D printer for dentistry and medicine? For prototyping and jewelry making? For piece production of parts by 3D printing? Contact and we will find the best option for your requirements.

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