A new look at “karma” - everyone deserves it


    Thanks to my blog, I learned how to spell the word hello the first time. He worked out his karma. In general, the word karma in modern RuNet is used in a completely different meaning than what it actually means (again, I refer you to the wiki ).

    So “karma” is not a rating, as we used to think, it is an action, or rather, “cause-effect”. And when the guys from Futuriko introduced these concepts on their resources, they were mistaken, perhaps intentionally (it was too beautiful and mysterious word).

    In connection with this misunderstanding, I came up with the idea today - what if we create a rating system that takes into account actions aimed not at the user, but from the user. Perhaps the democratic component of the socialization of the idea of ​​ratings will suffer a little, but you can win in many other ways.

    So, what is the concept of the idea of ​​“new karma”.

    Rating action The

    user gives ratings. Evaluates content and comments on the content of other users. As a result, some kind of averaged assessment is formed. And the closer the user with his assessment approaches the average value, the better his karma becomes.

    From a technical point of view, this can be difficult to implement. Because on the fly you will have to do many operations and load the server, therefore, all recalculations of the karma change should be done, for example, once a day, during the least user activity, somewhere in the dead of night.

    Visit action

    User activity is important to the resource. A user in the era of the web with a deuce and zero is a resource. And if the user is inactive, he kills the resource. And killing is bad karma.

    Therefore, the plus is definitely for those who view the pages, vote, write comments and most importantly add content (especially to these people).

    And a minus as soon as this someone starts to wander statistically less on a resource. You happen every day - well, but just stopped walking - karma crawled down.

    The effect of the results

    Oil is oil, but I will try to explain what I had in mind. It’s one thing if you add content, it’s good for you, for that you’re a plus. But it’s a completely different matter if this content is severely neglected - it means you are a pest, then you kill a resource - karma down, and with great speed.

    This is perhaps the most terrible social component of the “new karma”, after, perhaps, the “action of evaluation”.

    Referrals action

    This item refers to those resources for which registration is by invitation only. It is quite logical and natural that your karma should somehow depend on the karma invited by you. And first of all, your ability to invite should depend on the karma of your referrals. If for the most part they have bad karma, then you should not be given invites, since you are leading anyone to the resource, and if your friends are with good karma, then you will be honored with extra invites, well, plus three times the karma;)

    In general, every action or inaction must be reflected in karma. It remains only to give each action weight. But this is a completely different article, I hope you will help me answer this question in your comment.

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