Mielofon == iPhone?

    I read here about the iPhone on one Italian site. The knowledge of the language is mediocre, therefore, having stumbled upon the word “melafon”, I climbed into the dictionary. But no, he doesn’t know the lingvo of the melafon!
    I thought for a long time, then it dawned. "Mela" = "apple"; “Fon” = well, I see :)

    It turns out that Kir Bulychev - did you know ?!
    A small device of black color, which many people dream of possessing. Almost magical properties, as a result of high technology of the future. And, finally, modern gerasimovs who run out of the Apple Store with a cry: “Alisaaaa !!! Melafon is changing! ”

    PS Yes, I know that in the original there was a “myelophone”, but it sounds something similar.

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