optimization at a glance

    In this message you will not learn how to optimize the site, code, etc.

    Here, young employees of various companies will receive advice, which consists in the following - to optimize the system that you are in, you only need to achieve some results in it, work and find out more.
    No matter how obvious the innovations, the introduction of which will improve the system, remember, they came to the mind of others, they were promoted, but not implemented. Look for weaknesses in the system, report them with a suggestion of "improvement", but not criticism and requirements. Compare: “I ask to change” and “I propose to improve” - which sounds better and more pleasant?

    I understand that it’s difficult to sit and keep silent with an unbroken eye - write down everything under the points. Then return to them and think about what has changed since then when you did nothing with the “flaw” and how your opinion has changed.

    An attempt to “jump out” by many plankton employees will be met with negativity and negation. Do not contact them for advice. Look for allies and supporters. There are few of them, but they will help you in the future to optimize not only the system, but also your attitude to it.

    Bottom line:
    1. Make up your mind about optimizing the system
    2. Give this idea time for life - whether it will outlive itself or remain relevant for you personally
    3. After - discuss and prepare a solution. Try to realize the idea.

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