Incentive to update

    Like many web developers, I wish a speedy death for IE6. Outdated versions of other browsers are not so common, and therefore are less of a hassle, but it would also be nice for them to disappear. Automatic updating could solve this problem, but it is often disabled by “administrators,” and often users are not even aware of the past in which they live.

    I don’t feel like sitting passively and waiting for old versions to become a thing of the past. I think that users should be encouraged to be updated, gently, but persistently. Therefore, I sketched such a script that suggests updating the browser .

    The principle of its operation is very simple: to determine the user's browser, determine its version, compare with the latest known version, if necessary, suggest updating. If the user has refused, do not disturb him for another week. The proposal itself is more or less disguised as a regular system message in IE - for ease of perception.

    I understand that this may be the invention of a bicycle, but so far I have not found any predecessors. I will be glad to refer to them, so as not to multiply entities.

    If someone is interested in using such a script, I will make it shine: minimize, translate into English, etc. Therefore, the opinion of the community about this initiative is interesting. What do you think?

    PS: please do not think that it does not work correctly on the script page - version checking is disabled there specifically so that everyone can see the script in action.

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