Look out the window

    In the hospital, in a double room, lay two hopeless patients. They had exactly the same beds, absolutely equal conditions ... The only difference was that one of them could see the only window in the ward and the other did not, but he had a nurse call button next to him. As time passed, the seasons changed ... The one who was lying at the window told his neighbor everything that he saw there: it was raining on the street, snow was falling or the sun was shining, the trees were either covered with light sparkling lace, then they were covered with light spring haze, then cleaned with greenery or a farewell yellow-scarlet outfit ... that people walk along the street, cars drive ... that there is PEACE.
    And once it happened that the first one, the one who was lying by the window, became ill at night. He asked a neighbor to call a nurse, but for some reason he did not. And the patient lying by the window died.
    The next day, another patient was brought to the ward, and the old-timer asked, if it so happened, to put him at the window. His request was fulfilled - and finally he saw ... The window looked out onto a blank gray wall, and nothing was visible beyond it.

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