Mail.Ru launches new spam filter and spam analytics department

    Mail.Ru has officially launched a new anti-spam system. Until today, it has been tested, and the result has been very positive: the number of spam complaints from users has been reduced by five times.

    The new spam filter works on the basis of old technologies that have been used for several years, but it has been significantly improved. The solution was developed by Mail.Ru technical specialists in close collaboration with Kaspersky Lab. The core of the system includes a signature anti-spam database, which is constantly updated and changes depending on the current situation.

    The system checks not only the entire flow of incoming correspondence, but also internal traffic (i.e. letters from Mail.Ru to Mail.Ru) and outgoing messages. Based on fuzzy signs, as well as using a database of signatures and data on user complaints, dubious mailings are allocated from the stream. Statistical information about them and system decisions is displayed in the admin console of the Mail.Ru analytics team, working around the clock seven days a week.

    The team of spam analysts is another innovation in the organizational structure of Mail.Ru. They monitor the progress of the system and promptly make changes, adapting to unwanted mailings. The analysis and reaction time for each new newsletter is only a few minutes.

    Own and public blacklists of “unreliable” senders are also used - open relays and spam subnets.

    “As a result of testing our new system, we got very positive results,” says Mikhail Meshchansky, head of the Mail.Ru anti-spam system development group. - The number of user complaints has decreased significantly. Efficiency is noticeable in other ways. For example, the use of blacklists by box owners has plummeted. ”

    Currently, the new anti-spam system blocks about 20 million spam emails per day. About 80 million are delayed earlier, at the stage of filtering open relays and spammer subnets.

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