Internet in pictures

    I admit that I'm not good friends with the English language. But this is not for this reason that I do not use foreign services and social networks. It just so happened. And the point is not even in small-town patriotism, no. And I can’t explain it in words.

    My bookmarks don't have many popular sites like or . For the first I have two alternatives and , but for the second there were no domestic options. Until recently.

    In April, the service was launched And I managed to get an invitation to this private blog. I will not say that I became a fan and every day I add thousands of photos. I add only what I like (and I’m broadcasting this tape to my blog ). There are already active users here who dig the Internet in search of interesting pictures (some even fall into my favorites).

    The authors of the project (including Gleb Kalinin ), for convenience, came up with an extension for FireFox and a regular bookmarklet for any browser. The design is light (if the lack of an abundance of graphics can be called a design): a white background on which pictures are displayed.

    Actually, the Internet stuff has already written and told about the site in the podcastso that details about the work can be obtained from them. I just shared a good mood. By the way, there are invites, I can share them too (leave an e-mail in the comments or contact via habrahpost).

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