PR on DDoS

    This week's trend is botnets and DDoS attacks. The beginning was laid by an article by Vitaliy Kamluk, LC, and the author promised to make a series of publications on this topic. Summing up nothing, Vitaly blamed the zombie network for the disappearance of money from users' credit cards, the theft of mail and IM accounts.
    The set of horror stories for users is quite wide, there are phishing and password theft. Interestingly, along with highly profitable spamming and the aforementioned DDoS, Vitaliy suggests that botnet owners can use infected zombie machines “for anonymous access to the Network”. Maybe it is, of course, just the point?

    In general, the article, to put it mildly, is heterogeneous. What is the thesis about the unprofitability of Storm, and, a couple of paragraphs below, a discussion about the ease and non-cost of the process of building a zombie network. It would be more logical to assume that Storm was originally a network of competent structures (!). But Vitaly does not make such an assumption. The author also suggests contacting “the police (!) For help” with cyber blackmail ... However, it is likely that the article was originally written to the west.
    It is interesting that literally the next day the material on Cnews " Protection against DDoS: advised by professionals " is published. What is the interesting article? Yes, nothing but a beaten indexing of the article by Yandex and the frankly jeans of the NVision Group, which offers a "comprehensive solution for protection against DDoS attacks based on Cisco Clean Pipes technology"
    Literally with a gap of a day, that is today, an article is published in the annex to Commerce by Denis Zenkin , a person, as they say in official publications, close to LK. Here one would be surprised at the neighborhood of comments by Alexander Gostev, LK, and Evgeny Preobrazhensky, Perimetrix, taking into account the very recent statements by Natalia Kaspersky about the dismissal of Evgeny from InfoWatch “for unsuitability” / cm. Kommersant No. 21 (3838) dated February 11, 2008 /. But the IT community, as you know, has special rules. You can quarrel publicly in a large newspaper, and then pretend as if nothing had happened. However, this is rather good ...
    As for the article itself, it is expectedly wonderful, And if it all ended, the article would remain an article, my reasoning is my reasoning, BUT! On May 19, a special tab is expected in Vedomosti about telecom and, attention, material by Anastasia Golitsyna about DDoS attacks. So I think, dear friends, is it really an accident? A week marked by DDoS in top media?
    No, this is a good reason.

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