WebHiTech Contest: First Results

    On April 3, I announced at Habrahabr the start of a technology competition for WebHiTech sites , aimed at supporting the spread of the spirit and letter of modern web standards in Runet. Almost a month has passed since then, and the first results can already be summed up.
    To date, nearly 60 applications have been submitted to the competition. I note that applications are accepted until September 25, so you still have time to put forward your project for our competition. Moreover, good sites have every chance of winning - the average level of applications so far, unfortunately, is not too high.

    At the stage of preliminary selection of applications, the organizing committee adheres to a rather liberal policy. We accept almost all sites whose pages contain a full ad!DOCTYPE, switching the browser in standards mode, are made up without using tables for their intended purpose and do not use HTML visual elements and attributes in bulk. Validation errors in HTML and CSS code (if there are, of course, hundreds of them) are not a serious obstacle to including the site in the list of contest nominees - for us, it is more important that the project matches the spirit and ideology of web standards than the formal letter of the specification. After all, as you know, you can make up an absolutely valid page that will completely and completely correspond to, say, DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional, but at the same time have nothing to do with the concept of separation of content and presentation, principles of semantic layout, etc.
    Let me remind you that the competition in support of web standards is held with the assistance of RU-CENTER in three categories:
    • the best design decision;
    • best consumer qualities;
    • better use of technology.

    In each category - three prizes. Winners will be awarded valuable prizes at the in-person award ceremony, which will take place at one of the thematic autumn conferences.
    We announced our competition at RIF and RIT conferences. Despite certain criticisms, the reaction to our venture is generally supportive. At RIT, we held a mini-contest - the WebHiTech Lite quiz, in which the audience was asked to answer questions devoted mainly to the XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS2 specifications. The questions were simple enough, but they had to be answered almost instantly, without looking at any directories or specifications or conducting any experiments. If anyone would be interested, I can give a few examples of questions in the comments to this post. We are planning to hold mini-contests like WebHiTech Lite in the future, at other exhibitions and conferences.

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