EBay boycott sellers

    May 1, 2008 planned mass rally on the blacklist of Internet auction eBay sellers from around the world. The protesters explain the boycott by the fact that the new percentage of the commission fee, as well as changes in the rules of trade, are not fair and are only in the interests of large companies.

    Under the new rules, which will enter into force in early May, the commission fee charged by the eBay auction after the sale of goods will amount to 7.25% of the transaction amount instead of the previous 5.25%. However, along with this, the cost of placing goods on online trading will decrease by a third. Also, under the new rules, merchants will not be able to comment on messages from customers complaining about poor service.

    These changes were initiated by eBay CEO John Donahue, who wants to transform the flea market into a modern shopping center. Representatives of the online auction say that changes in the rules will only protect buyers from dishonest sellers.

    via Lenta.ru

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