Nigma decrypt abbreviations

    In connection with the approach of school exams and the session, the team of developers of the intelligent search engine launched a system for decoding abbreviations. Now the system recognizes almost any Russian and English abbreviations. The user enters the desired abbreviation and in addition to the search results, on the left side, Nigma will offer one or more options for its meaning.

    If the abbreviation decryption is found on the Internet quite often, then it is displayed on the left at the first level. If the decryption is rare, then it can be found in a special subcluster "Abbreviations".

    The abbreviations are decrypted using the electronic dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms, abbreviations and compound words of the Russian language, as well as the world's largest English-language dictionary of abbreviations, manually edited As a result, the development team has formed a database containing more than 400 thousand abbreviations. The base of reductions will be updated once a day.

    According to our observations, on average, one abbreviation has two values. There are also leading leaders in terms of the number of values:
    - in Russian - it is PP (has 129 decryptions)
    - in English - SS (190 decodings) The

    well-known abbreviation PC (personal computer) has 167 decryptions, and MS (as Microsoft usually abbreviates ) - it turns out that it has 150 more values.
    Funny, but the second most popular MS transcript is Multiple Sclerosis (Multiple Sclerosis) :-)

    Please test. If something is not found, then we will add :-)
    We will also be glad to hear suggestions on improving the usability of the system.
    Thanks in advance ))

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