Platform-A is the largest advertising network in the Internet advertising market.

    СomScore today released a study of the US Internet advertising market - TOP 15 US advertising networks .

    Surprisingly, we are used to Google governing the world, but ... in the first place is the Platform_A (AOL) advertising network, which includes, Quigo and Tacoda.

    Platform-A’s audience size is 170 million people (March 2008 data), which is 91% of the total US Internet population. Network coverage makes AOL the number one online advertising market.

    Yahoo and Google are in the top three:

    However, when choosing an advertising network, you should not always be guided only by audience coverage. If your advertising campaign is designed for a narrow segment, you should pay attention to advertising networks focused on a narrow segment of the audience (targeting advertising communications - the term was taken from the materials of the speakers of the conference “Audience management and advertising on the Internet-2008”).

    Focusing on narrow segments allows advertisers to increase the effectiveness of advertising by reducing the number of wasted ad impressions.

    Number one on the list of targeted ad networks is Snap Shots Network(audience of 18 million people). I think Runet’s audience is familiar with this company in absentia. They make it possible to add new functionality to your site or blog: preview of the site you are linking to. For you - this is just a beautiful pop up. For the network - advertising and money.

    In general, one of the trends of advertising on the Internet is the implementation of the formula “widget + useful functionality for placing a widget on your site + a pleasant experience for the audience + advertising”, as Snap Shot Networks and Widgetbucks Network do .

    The NeoEdge Game Network, with a coverage of 1 million, advertises in free games.

    It is worth paying attention to another trend - the orientation towards the US population, speaking Spanish (currently makes up 8.4% of the US Internet population). HispanoClick network advertises on sites in Spanish.

    What is the state of the Runet Internet advertising market?

    Presentations of speakers with figures, data and reviews are uploaded on the conference website mentioned above. I advise you to download reports on the Internet advertising market of the Runet and familiarize yourself with the fact that numbers are generally bad in RuNet (well, it seems to me, at least).

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