That's how curious it turned out, only yesterday I wrote on the hub about Piwik . And today, a friend sent me to another project that also recently entered the beta testing stage - Woopra . This service also positions itself as an alternative to Google Analytics. True, at the moment Woopra looks more promising than Piwik, and promises more.

    So Woopra positions itself as an analytics service for small and medium-sized sites. Focuses on blogs, which is very nice. He promises to track all user actions on the site. Well, many, many beautiful things in the interface. Very interesting project.

    1. Tracking of visits to the site in direct time has been announced, I don’t know how it will work, but I would really like to. :)

    2. The interface is very proud. It looks beautiful, but I don’t know how functional everything will be.

    3. A large log of user actions on the site is promised, who came from where, what he looked, etc., etc. in one table, with the ability to sort and filter.

    4. The ability to "tag" site visitors, so that later it’s easier to follow their actions.

    5. Built-in Instant Manager directly on the site, visitors can communicate.

    6. Data analytics, just like the statistics on visits will be updated in real time. That is, analytics can simply be watched.

    7. It will be possible to configure the notification service in order to respond to changes on your site or to spikes in its attendance.

    8. Well, the API for developers, of course, where would you go without it. :)

    In a word, the project looks very interesting, I don’t know if it can become at least to some extent a competitor to Google Analytics, let's see. But very interesting.

    A plugin for Wordpress is already available on the Woopra website, with integration with statistics, and clients for Win, Mac and Linux.

    Full screenshots and an English description can be found here - Woopra .

    PS: I wanted to start testing Piwik, now I don’t know. At least all three analysts put and compare the results. :)

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