Effective translation

    Hi :)!

    I once had an idea how to improve the translation service from Google ... The idea was this: why not show along with the translation result the first most relevant picture to the text? After all, memorizing a text is much better if a visual image is associated with it.

    And then the Google AJAX Language API appears . No sooner said than done! Use your health: aLive Dictionary .

    Don't be discouraged if the image Google offers is far from the word you want to translate: turn on associative thinking. For example, on the word loud you see a computer power supply. Wonderful! Why did it happen? Power supplies make noise. The noise is loud. Association built. Now when someone says “Loud” you can easily restore this chain. This is a game.

    Tested under Firefox. In Donkey, 6-7 works, but you need to click the button with the mouse :). Sorry, for temporary inconvenience. I would be grateful for comments and suggestions!

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