Performance Indicators (KPIs) for IT staff

    This article was born out of a question from a friend of mine - IT director of Baltmix (the largest manufacturer of equipment in Russia, the main supplier of equipment for the Eldorado network) about measuring the performance of their employees.
    Not without my efforts the club of IT directors of the Kaliningrad region was created. Actually, the letter was sent to the club members.

    Further, his letter:

    Colleagues, good afternoon.
    Share, who can, real (measurable) performance indicators (KPI) for IT employees:
    Our service has the following categories of specialists:
    • Sysadmins
    • Admin database
    • Technical support (service desk)
    • Engineers
    • Programmers
    • Analysts: experts in the ERP system, each in their own business area: production, logistics, finance ...

    With p.1-4 more or less everything is clear and measurable. And how to evaluate the work of paragraph 5, and especially 6?

    My answer:

    As promised, I answer :) as always with a little delay.

    I see the ability to make an assessment of effectiveness, the subject of my professional activity. Therefore, this topic is very interesting to me. Because most of the time I have to manage, control and encourage just the work of Programmers and Analysts.

    Victor, of course, I cannot, without a detailed study, say how you need to measure the effectiveness of your employees, because many questions remain inside your company, for example, details of planning and goal setting.

    I can tell you how I developed a system for monitoring and managing the development process for my employees, both local and remote, for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of kilometers. Judging by the increase in my salary and finished products, I can say with confidence, I did it.

    What I did to create KPI:
    • Found, regarding which it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness
    • I understood how to evaluate
    • Made a transparent performance rating system in numbers

    As I suppose, few people will be interested in my direct experience. Because I manage the development and creation of software products and specialize in this. And further I also plan to develop myself as a specialist in this field. This is my forte. I will tell you the general principles that I used to evaluate the activities of my specialists.

    How to find a fulcrum for KPI

    I determined the purpose of each unit and employee in two aspects:
    1. inside the project (if we mean project activities)
    2. in activity (if it is a process, for example, support)

    It is equally important to determine the results of specialists. To do this, it is enough to answer two questions:
    1. What should be the result of his work?
    2. What should be the process? (if the process is endless, for example, support)

    It is also important to understand the time interval of control. For myself, I defined it as a week - 40 hours.

    What is the subject of control

    1. intermediate results, inside iterations
    2. achievement and maintenance of service quality
    3. increasing the number of effective working hours of employees during working hours

    Control in numbers

    As I already wrote, I don’t have a general formula and I doubt the possibility of drawing it up. But it is definitely possible and necessary to bring it out for any position, including in our area - IT. I will offer only items for evaluation. Now on the points of the question.

    System administrators


    can be evaluated by an external, independent agency


    I mean not only the server, but all the equipment included in the competence of this position and serving business processes. Such equipment is easily listed. Opening hours can be counted without problems: there are already plenty of funds for this and you can easily create those if necessary.

    Database administrators

    Speed ​​of receiving data (response)

    This is a relative figure, it is necessary to consider it depending on the task. I have it 0.2s

    Data refresh rate - data relevance


    Data recovery speed

    This is the number of hours that the administrator will need to restore the system. I always consider several scenarios: from losing one drive in a raid to losing a server.

    Uptime - Reliability and Safety

    similar to system administrator

    Tech support, Response speed, Number of problems solved, not solved, Number of tasks that could be solved without the help of other departments, User satisfaction

    All these indicators are very individual for companies, as depend on the distribution of branches, departments and divisions of the company. Communication capabilities. And to a greater extent from the bar set by the management of the company.



    I will not repeat

    Application speed

    can easily be measured by tests or a stopwatch, I prefer automatic testing more

    fault tolerance

    Extremely easy to measure if there is a requirements control system and bug reports. I create such systems at the beginning of work on a project or process.

    Compliance with the prototype and TK

    Honestly, I did not find numerical methods for assessing this important characteristic. I was lucky with the tester, it feels great and kicks the programmers if something is wrong.

    Effective hours

    1. This watch is adequately evaluated when planning activities
    2. How many such hours does a programmer have per week, month, year

    An effective watch is a time that takes only to solve a problem. When nothing distracts, no one bothers. Further, correlating these hours with the length of the iteration (in my case, this is with a 40-hour working week), you can easily find the causes of inefficiency and affect them.


    When calculating the effectiveness, I do not distinguish analysts from programmers, because in their work there are tasks as well as for programmers. So, you can count the effective hours.


    I know and understand companies in which such accounting is not conducted. My approach was formed under severe restrictions on the part of the main customer - the investor. I really consider the hours of effective work of my employees and control the development processes. I have my own “progress bar” of the project movement, as well as what I mark separately. I have achieved cost minimization on the account of "raven" by employees. That is, maximum efficiency and awareness when working in a project.
    I will study your comments with interest, colleagues. I will be happy to participate in the creation of a performance evaluation system, as I see this as one of the important subjects of my professional activity.
    Which topics need more detailed disclosure in your opinion?
    PS: I want to make my blog in the style of "I CIO"

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