NetBSD Project turns 15

    Exactly 15 years ago, on March 21, 1993, a team of enthusiasts created a source repository of the new NetBSD operating system based on 4.4BSD code (386BSD 0.1 + unofficial patchkit 0.2.2), expanded in terms of improving portability to other platforms, improving security and solving performance problems. The first public release of NetBSD 0.8 was available in April 1993.

    NetBSD is currently an unrivaled leader in the breadth of hardware platforms, with the release of NetBSD 4.0 supporting 13 different processor architectures and more than 54 hardware platforms.

    The next release of NetBSD 5.0 ​​will continue the tradition of the project. Some plans for the future: implementation of a new multi-threaded library (1: 1 threads), support for several different task schedulers, work in host mode (dom0) and guest OS for Xen2 and Xen3, development of a new power management system, support for iSCSI server and client, etc. .d.

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