Black servers in the Netherlands from black friday (pre-order): 6x2.20GHz 10GB DDR4 240GB SSD 1Gbps 10TB - $ 29 / month

    Black Friday. Most consider this day only a day of sales and a collapse in prices, a day when you can sell a stale product, since its storage is already more expensive than just throwing it away. For some, this day helps with less loss to change the range and free up warehouses for the supply of new products in order to be in trend. Hosting providers, in turn, strive to come up with various ingenious promotions, so as to make up to 99% discounts, but with a reservation and for a certain period, to attract additional customers and at the same time not go into the minus, since margins are often underestimated before the plinth in mind the endless dumping race. In general, everything is boring, monotonous, in other words - an additional reason to make another “share” of an infinite number of similar ones and to enable people to save a few dollars.

    We want to be an exception. We will not arrange any price falls, and so they are low, we will not sell outdated equipment even cheaper, but simply throw it away, as we are always concerned about the quality issue so that our customers are always happy to cooperate with us. We will act differently - we will provide the opportunity to issue a pre-order for a unique solution, on the implementation of which we have been working hard recently. And this solution is not some marketing bullshit on ARM processors, or using cheaper memory, drives and channels, or by placing it in a hangar, no, it is built on DELL brand hardware, namely, on the basis of the latest R730XD platforms with processors 4th generation and is located in the Netherlands in the premium data center EvoSwitchwith magical connectivity and platinum support! At the same time, we managed to provide a lot of resources (10-20GB RAM DDR4 of your choice, 6x2.20GHz or 12x2.20GHz CPU, 240-480GB SSD drive or 1-2 drives 4TB HDD SATA) and make this server truly inexpensive - $ 29 or $ 49 respectively.


    How did we do it? We have reduced our margins to a minimum and it is actually calculated in read dollars, so there can be no discounts below these values ​​in principle.

    Is it a dedicated server? Physically - no, but technically and in terms of reliability and performance is no worse, and even better.

    And that's why. What is a virtual server in most cases (cloud / non-cloud is not important)? All of them, as a rule, use shared storage, as a result, having seemingly allocated CPU / RAM resources, your website / application can still be blunt, because some other client consumes more storage resources (IOPS, read operations / records or, more correctly, I / O per second), thereby leaving your project less IOPS or you may simply have problems due to a problem with the shared storage.

    In our version, you are deprived of this disadvantage, since you get not just a virtual server, but a virtual server on a dedicated drive / drives. All IOPS drives / drives are yours. And this is really important, our tests have shown that on the most popular clouds, you get up to 1000 IOPS, but we have 10,000 IOPS and more provided on the solution with a dedicated drive. Now you are really almost independent. A neighbor can only “kill” a common channel if an attack hits it, but it can happen when renting a dedicated server in a common rack? By the way, our data center has already begun to provide basic protection against DDOS to our customers for FREE, so this problem, if previously it was rare, now has become irrelevant.

    Virtual servers on dedicated drives are not entirely new to our product, we began to provide them from June 2015, only with much less resources provided and the platforms were 5 years old . Nevertheless, the service has become very popular. As a matter of fact, our clients received not only all the advantages of a dedicated server, but also additional management convenience. Although, we have to admit that it was a relatively “weak” server.

    Now we offer a complete solution that will satisfy the needs of the majority. Since the solution is much cheaper than renting a dedicated server with an E3-1230 processor and even higher.

    And the most important thing is more convenient and more reliable.

    KVM hardware virtualization will provide you with the same dedicated resources as on a dedicated server, only now it is easier to solve problems.

    Using the convenient control panel of your virtual server, you can install the OS in one click by selecting one of the images that we kindly prepared for the automatic installation, and you can install your VPS right away with the ISP Manager Lite 5 control panel, which we will provide you with no additional charge:

    But that's not all. How often were you denied to install Windows without a key in the data centers, although you already had a key? We will not only refuse, we will give you the opportunity to do it yourself! Moreover, choosing the installation of Windows Server 2008/2012, you can legally use the system for 180 DAYS for FREE by activating a test period.

    Not enough OS options? No problem. Also available is the ability to mount your ISO images, both from a local computer and from a remote server, specifying a link to the image:

    Reboot, the ability to monitor statistics and connect to VNC (KVM analog) is available from the virtual server control panel:

    Which greatly speeds up the solution , because you have KVM right at hand, whatever happens.

    Regarding the iron part. We decided that the four main configurations of the drives may be of interest to you: For each virtual server with a dedicated drive, you can buy up to 3 IP addresses and increase traffic at the rate of + $ 15 for each additional 10TB. But perhaps there will be some other wishes? Maybe you wanted something else?

    If you are satisfied with the proposed options for the drive configurations - take part in the survey and indicate which configuration of the ones you are most interested in. In the comments you can specify the reason, as well as express your wishes. We can adjust the plan for the supply of new nodes in accordance with your recommendations and requests.

    Starting today, these configurations are available for pre-order (after the pre-order stage is completed, we may be forced to increase the cost for NEW orders somewhat, but we will try not to increase as long as possible). Delivery of the ordered server will be carried out within 3-14 business days, depending on the activity of orders, since the supply of new nodes is limited in accordance with the infrastructure growth plan of this solution.

    I would also like to hear your views on the pros and cons of the proposed solution. We see them as such:

    + more reliable, since the iron is new, of the latest generation (v4 at the moment), less risk of hardware problems;
    + computational operations are more efficient, due to the peculiarities of the architecture of the new processor E5-2650 v4 (a trivial example, if virtuals go up on hardware, where efficient processing of floating point operations is not supported, then the conversion speed of the same video may vary at times, in fact, you need at times more gigahertz for performing certain operations);
    + cost effectiveness (in most cases, dedicated entry-level servers lose performance);
    + ease of management;
    - the impossibility of installing VMware ESXi (the impossibility of creating virtual machines on a virtual machine :)) and some specific operating systems.

    We would appreciate suggestions and criticism in the comments. Your feedback is very important to us.

    BLACKFRIDAY: since it is customary to give presents on this day, we are still ready to make December a month free for those who pre-order submitted virtual servers with dedicated drives no later than the beginning of December and place an order number in the commentary to this article. In this case, the payment already made will be recorded as payment for the next period. Happy Black Friday and have a nice weekend!

    You can order presented virtual servers with dedicated drives in the Netherlands through our website:

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Sign in , please.

    Which of the virtual servers on dedicated drives in the Netherlands is the most interesting for you?

    Which of the virtual servers on dedicated drives in the Netherlands is the most interesting for you?

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