Guardian considers Kaspersky an agent of the KGB

    The article about the head of Kaspersky Lab in the London newspaper Guardian dated January 31 contained, as it later turned out , an inaccuracy. Actually, this was noticeable already from one of its names - “ The ex-KGB man is tracking cybercriminals” ( The ex-KGB man stalking the cybercriminals ). And the point is not that today Kaspersky is no longer following the trail of computer attackers, but basically they are looking for ways to circumvent his protection. The fact is that Yevgeny Valentinovich never served in the KGB, even in the modest rank of lieutenant, which the English journalist attributed to him.

    Otherwise, the article is very positive and filled with notes of romance against global evil. It is definitely worth reading. And the very fact of its publication in such a popular and respected newspaper suggests that Western society is quite capable of accepting the successes of Russian companies and does not always think in stereotypes (bears are not mentioned in the text at all, and the balalaika is only once!). But after all, many of us doubted this in earnest ...

    We also refuted the information that traces of radiation leading to the threshold of the building on Lubyanka were found on the site of the Trojans and the like killed by Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

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