Persistence of idiots or spam in blog comments ...

    Another cross-post from my technical blog

    It doesn’t even take a day for someone to write a comment like “Good site !!!” on my blog with a link to some ... Why, there’s an automatic spam filter every day sends hundreds to nowhere (!) - yes, yes, exactly hundreds of such comments. About five days a day it leaks into “Possible spam”, which I have to delete manually, and sometimes someone reaches such heights that although his comment is not published, it gets approved in the “Not spam” list, from where I delete it .

    What is most striking is the idiocy of such attempts. To begin with, let me explain why this is done. I think many of my readers already know this, but for the rest it will require some explanation. Do you think this is so that readers of my blog joyfully click on this ad? Not at all. It is well known that this does not work very well. Especially on sites not protected from spam. The trick is to trick search engines and make them think this blog is linking to their site. Each link from a reputable resource increases the site’s rating in a search engine, and if anyone enters the word “Viagra” in it, the site has a better chance of appearing on the first page - Holy Grail of the guys involved in Search Engine Optimization.

    And now we come to the idiocy of such attempts with this blog. The fact is that the comment links on it have a wonderful feature ... not even a feature, an attribute. Literally. Rel = “nofollow” attribute This attribute tells search engines that the link is spam and should not be considered in any indexes. This is essentially. On the politically correct, this means only "do not follow this link." In general, “you don’t go there, you go here, the snow will fall ...” In short, they can completely spoil my blog (amendment: they cannot, although they would like to), but it won’t give them anything for their ranking in search engines ... So take a look at the actual link in the comment on my Technet blog:

    rel = "nofollow" href = " " mce_href = "»> Http://" target = "_ blank"> Alex

    Nevertheless, these idiots every day try to make hundreds of spammer comments on this blog ... Truly, perseverance worthy of better use ...

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