Bad advice to a crafty IT developer

    If you pocketed the money and don’t hand over the work,
    But the customer presses, and he is unbearable,

    You say that you worked, that you didn’t sleep at night,
    But the damned RAID broke, and the source code was gone .

    And so today, having made an honest face,
    you slipped this shitty thing to the customer.

    Well, if they don’t believe it, you don’t think that you’ve got it.
    Tell him that the school portal had died like this before .

    That the team worked there, that the project was going on successfully,
    But then the misfortune happened - the general, b ***, effect .

    Like, the Minister of Education development looked,
    And the damn, bitch, server, flew in a day.

    And when it suddenly turned out that the pros had no copies,
    They had to save the minister and lay out the layout .

    You say that you are good and ready to raise the project, that you are
    ready to master twenty-five million more.

    - b *** b = shave :-))

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