Web-Lenta: Combining RSS

    Probably each of us is subscribed to at least 3-5 rss streams and reads them either through programs or by mail. Personally, I use an rss reader built into the Opera. But, I always wanted all rss to be somehow organized in one place. It’s not convenient to read news letters from each site.
    So why not combine them?

    The idea of ​​the union is to create a service where anyone can create their own feed from their favorite Rss.

    Not having found such a service anywhere (maybe I was looking badly?), I decided to start the implementation myself (don’t hit hard! :))
    Who cares, can peek here

    What are the advantages of the service:
    1. You create your own RSS list by adding links to your account.
    2. Daily mailing of rss to mail - all RSS in one letter !
    3. Tag cloud - the ability to quickly find an interesting strip of

    Minuses at this stage of development is full, so I can’t describe it :)

    The project is very crude, but the main idea of ​​the union has been implemented: you can already register, add rss and receive the tape by mail.

    It is planned to add the following:
    1. Adding friends
    2. Adding friends feed
    3. Adding rss in one click
    4. Displaying both headlines and descriptions news
    and much more ... much more

    The name of the future creation is Web-Lenta (someone has other ideas ?)

    PS If someone is interested in the project and is ready to help in the implementation, I will be only glad.

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