“The IT Crowd”

    I was very surprised when today I tried to find at least something related to the series “The IT Crowd” (“Computer Specialists”) in the search and did not find it. Thinking that absolutely not all Habralyudi watched this series, I decided to create this thread for discussion and for informing the masses of information about “Computer scientists”.

    Perhaps it’s worth starting with a review of the plot found on Wikipedia .

    The IT Crowd takes place at the offices of Reinholm Industries, a fictional British corporation located in central London. The plot develops around the tricks of the information technology support team, consisting of 3 people and working in a dirty, neglected basement, in stark contrast to the brilliance of modern architecture and the magnificent views of London available to other employees of the organization.

    Moss and Roy, 2 technical specialists, are depicted as ridiculous nerds or, as Denholm described them, “ordinary gouges”. Despite the extreme dependence of the company on their services, the rest of the workers despise them. Roy’s annoyance is expressed in his unwillingness to answer technical support calls, hoping that the phone will stop ringing, as well as in the use of tape recordings with standard tips: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” And “Is it definitely plugged in?” Moss's broad and confused knowledge in technical fields is expressed in his extremely accurate and at the same time completely incomprehensible proposals. However, Moss shows a complete inability to solve practical problems: extinguish a fire or remove a spider.

    Jen, a new member of the team, is hopelessly backward in technical terms, despite the statement in her resume that she has "extensive computer experience." Since Denholm, the company's boss, is also technically illiterate, he is convinced by Jen's bluff at the interview and appoints her head of the IT department. Later, the official name of her post changes to “Relations Manager,” but despite this, her attempts to establish mutual understanding between the technical experts and the rest of the staff basically bring the opposite effect, putting Jen in situations as ridiculous as her comrades in the department.

    It is worth reporting that as many as two seasons of 6 episodes have already come out, but nothing is known about the third season. But it is known that the American and German versions of this situational series will be shot soon, which cannot but cause admiration.

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    vins has kindly provided links to convenient viewing of both seasons - the first and second .

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