Life after life

    I know, a silly headline.

    Today in the news I saw that scientists were able to revive a dead mouse by "completing" living cells on the "frame" of its dead heart. For 4 days, the little mouse’s heart came to life and it was implanted back to the little animal. It is already beating. The mouse is almost alive.

    And this means that a person gradually learns to master the mysteries of nature ... Cloning, cryogenics, now - resurrection ...

    I wonder when people will learn to resurrect from the dead ... Who will be honored with resurrection? And how much will it be? And such a person will live dolgos? And the main thing - what will he know and feel after returning?

    And perhaps this is the nearing end of the human race? Science has gone too far ... A little more and a person will be able to compete with God on equal terms ... Where will this lead?

    And suddenly - a mistake, emotions, ambitions, anger, madness - the notorious human factor? How will this end?

    Not. I didn’t write the post title correctly. We had to start like this:


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