Tag log

    Often people turn to me in IM clients for some advice. Explain something, tell something, express an opinion. When questions are asked by people whom I respect, I try to answer quite fully. The result is good material on an interesting topic.

    This is, in principle, a standard practice; I myself appeal to people who understand something better than me to cover these issues. As a result, a good FAQ is accumulated in the logs, which would be useful for many other people. But the principles of IM-clients are old and tagging is missing. And useful things often get stuck in hundreds of messages.

    Immediately save the necessary dialogs rarely. Therefore, I propose to tagsuch useful messages yourself, for example, sending the keyword "! useful". Then the search will be easy to find.

    We look more broadly: you can create (or take a familiar and ready-made one, say from a set of your tags for a blog, mail or files) a set of correct tags:! Useful,! Usability,! Ppc,! Private,! Sql,! Seo,! Design ,! idea,! cyberculture,! google,! socnet, etc. There will be a little spam to the interlocutor, but I think he will also appreciate the subsequent possibility of tags and begin to use it himself.

    For 8 years, I probably have accumulated ICQ logs of thousands of disclosures of interesting questions. But in these megabytes of logs you’ll dig in ... This idea would have crossed my mind early ...

    Maybe in some IM-client this is already implemented inside?

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