Captain The Killa

    25 million dollars of the development budget (according to other sources - 30 million) did not significantly affect the gameplay and appearance of Stranglehold. Either John Wu's services were paid at the highest rate, or Midway is not good enough with accounting and accounting controls, but we have before us a rather traditional prefix game, which we already had. Comparison with Max Payne, of course, is appropriate, but with two caveats: Remedy should have been located in Hong Kong and would have originally planned to release its game on the PlayStation ... The

    whole head had an
    explicit orientation to the console game process, however, Stranglehold did not prevent getting keyboard control at all. Using a gamepad, of course, is not forbidden, but even without it, Captain Jon, nicknamed "Tequila," confidently demonstrates dexterity.
    Dexterity, speed and perseverance - according to these three qualities, like litmus papers, you can distinguish a console hero from a computer hero. The depth of the plot is replaced by the brightness of the textures, the smoothness of the animation - thousands of surprises and “opening” additions, and instead of level design we are waiting for a whirlpool of events, a hurricane of bullets and fireworks of production scenes. Even the most primitive game on the PC requires the gamer to turn on the brain, even the most sophisticated and expensive (such as Stranglehold) console fun - be sure to turn it off.

    Beauty by order
    On an empty mind, getting pleasure from Stranglehold is becoming several orders of magnitude easier. Just because the designers of the game are great fellows and true professionals who thoroughly know how to make it beautiful and interesting. The main thing is not to argue with them and not to show initiative.
    If you look at Stranglehold as an attraction, the design is thought out flawlessly: there is a trolley - you need to fall on it with a belly and roll along the track, in the mode of slogo shooting Bosko bandits. And this is the railing. They invitingly wink at Captain Tekila, as if to say: “dear man, run around us like mad, shooting Bosko’s evil bandits”.
    Rotten supports, fuel barrels, boulders and other excesses that scandal the gamer with the human voice of the design team chorus to the gamers: “shoot us”, “blow us up”, “put us on the damned bosoms of ugly bandits” .
    And what? Is it possible that a bandit can survive in such a situation of destructive harmony? Especially a lonely miserable thug dying from any bullet? Of course not. Therefore, at the behest of the designers, there were a lot of bandits incited by captain Tekilu. Lots of.

    Better to shoot than drink and talk ...
    Captain Tequila - trump jack. In addition to a semi-automatic gearbox that takes the brave servant of the rule of law into a brown and white layer, our hero knows how to quickly heal himself, filigree to send bullets at the target, fall into divine rage and dance at the ends of bullets. On the Xbox 360, the crosspiece of the gamepad was responsible for the above skills, and on the PC it was duplicated with the buttons 1,2,3 and 4.
    Playing these numbers like a button accordion (yes, the melodies are clearly repeated, wiping out hits and incorruptibles), the gamer leads Captain Tekila through everything 7 circles of gangster hell, making short halts during storylines and boss battles.
    Unfortunately, neither one nor the other can be attributed to the advantages of Stranglehold. Level bosses - they are the leaders of the mafia clans opposing Captain Tekila - are just fat (in the sense of long-playing) poles with cool guns, dying for a long time, artlessly and dreary.
    As for the clips on the engine, woven into the gameplay with a cunning narrative purpose, they ...
    They are mostly disgusting. Horrible character animation. Nightmare grimaces of the main characters. Tequila himself, frightening either with a self-obscuring jaw, or with hands similar to firebrands from a major fire ...
    However, the most heartbreaking episode, of course, is the scene in the bar where the captain Tequila drinks tequila. In the yard in 2007, in his pocket - 30 million budget money, and Unreal Engine 3 beats in his chest. Stranglehold doesn’t stop Captain Tequila just opening his mouth without any hint of lip animation, showing a black hole of the polygonal inside and squeezing pseudo-liquid foaming into shaders into it.
    Only for this crime against the aesthetics of Stranglehold should be given an Adult Only rating.

    Much more than nothing.
    If you give a brief description of Stranglehold, then, probably, it will sound like this: a masterpiece in words, not in deeds. In fact, it’s just a strong, interesting, but passing game.
    7 levels fly through a maximum of three full nights spent at the computer. The game does not require much effort and does not require intellectual stress. Graphics and technical features are perceived in Stranglehold with pleasure, but without reverence - the gamer is unlikely to have anything to remember after the final credits.
    Nevertheless, playing Stranglehold is worth it, especially to fans of John Wu action movies. There is everything you need to dream of: a tough hero, many enemies, furious shootings with tremendous destruction, elegantly set death scenes and murderous ballet in the tradition of Hong Kong cinema.
    To play, to admire, to pass, to forget - this is he, the path of a gamer who imagines himself to be captain Tequila. No more, but no less.

    John Woo Presents Stranglehold
    Genrethird-person stunt action movie
    Publisher Midway
    Publisher in Russia New Disk
    Developer Midway Studios Chicago
    Requires Pentium4-2600 +, 1024+ Mb, 3D
    Recommended C2D-4300 +, 2048+ Mb, GF 8600GT + PC
    platform , Xbox 360
    Multiplayer LAN, I-net
    The complexity of customizable
    English do not need

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