The next version of MS Project will be much easier

    At a conference in Seattle, Microsoft showed some features from a future version of MS Project. According to press reports, the audience greeted with applause a screenshot of the new timeline, which can be transferred to other programs using copy-paste. After pasting, for example, in PowerPoint, you can still edit elements, including font size.

    This is just one of the functions that Microsoft is going to implement in MS Project to make this project management system easier and expand its scope. Steve Ballmer wisely remarked on this subject that, by and large, each office worker can be called a manager, because he manages at least his own time. In other words, MS Project should be accessible to users of any level.

    The main innovation in the Project user interface will be the appearance of a standard panel for all MS Office programs with buttons at the top of the screen. The procedure for filling in the fields will be simplified: instead of the existing method, an empty column will appear in front of the user, which can be filled with any information, and its type will be automatically recognized.

    Significantly improve the function of Web Access, which in the future should become one of the key functions of the program.

    For the new version of MS Project, the name has not yet been invented, because it is not known in which year it will be released. Perhaps it will be MS Project 2009 or 2010.

    via IDG News Service

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