Flash Player 10 "Astro" - video from the MAX conference

    Yes! Adobe showed what it will be - Flash Player 10 at the MAX conference in Chicago. The code name is Astro. That's all about it - everything - everyone wrote it, so here you have the video (as much as 8 minutes) and pictures:

    Taxi ... Now, in order - improved Tex Layout support. During the demonstration I saw familiar letters: “School in Russian” :)

    And also support for columns in text fields:

    Next - 3d Effects. Already 3d software support at the player level.
    • 3d transformation of objects
    • Interactivity (well, that’s how it was written) :)
    • Well, of course, a higher speed. But what without it.


    Beautiful words appeared:
    astro.red.rotationZ = 1
    astro.green.rotationZ = 1
    astro.blue.rotationZ = 1.3

    The next feature in turn - Custom Filtres, Blend Modes, Fills


    Plus, the Hydra language for writing your BitmapFilter appeared. In general, such things. Adobe has launched an extensive marketing operation to promote its products and this is good news.

    And Flash Player 10 ... You know, I don’t feel much joy. Yes, what they did - everything is super, 3d, text, filters ... And it's hard to say if I expected more. I do not know. Maybe they should have done all this earlier? :)

    For example, the news about HD-Video support pleased me much more than this :)

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