Freescale MPC8610 Multi-Component Processor

    The company Freescale Semiconductor has introduced another novelty processor that's based on Power Architecture architecture. This chip, which received the MPC8610 index, according to company representatives, can replace four separate microcircuits at once. These statements are not unfounded, as the new processor includes the high-performance e600 core, AltiVec vector processor, LCD controller and I2S / AC97 units for input and output sound.

    For the production of the MPC8610 processor, a 90-nm process technology is used. The frequency of the e600 core will be from 667 to 1333 MHz, the second level cache is 256 KB, the average power consumption (at a clock frequency of 1066 MHz) is 15 watts. The display controller used in the MPC8610 supports SXGA resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels and 24-bit color depth. The sound interface is two controllers for I2S or AC97.

    According to the technical characteristics of the MPC8610, the product is quite worthy. A potential area (even areas) of application has already been found by the manufacturer. This is his use in creating robots, which he will provide with the possibility of orientation in space, voice and face recognition in electronic kiosks, and much more.

    Deliveries of the MPC8610 will begin in mid-2008.

    via EDAGeek

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