MasterHost - Evil Karabas-Barabas?

    I accidentally stumbled upon the Blacklist of Employers website , this is what the former employees of the beloved Masterhost write, it’s even scary: The

    positive aspects of working in the company:
    Free canteen, Office in the city center, strong corporate spirit, dinners for employees, work opportunities for people who do not have a residence permit , registration, nonresident.

    well, it’s quite commonplace, now the most interesting:

    Negative aspects of work in the company:

    The manual is very tough. They kick even five minutes late. They pay a little. In practice, do not draw up. Disastrous work schedule (change of 12 hours of continuous work at the computer). The technical support engineer has to bear constant moral responsibility to users for the carelessness of other units. Allegedly official employment - in practice it turns out that the employee is not formalized, the employer has no obligations to him. After working a month and a half, I got back a clean workbook, there was pressure and an attempt to force me to work out a two-week period, despite the inconsistency of this action of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. It also turned out that s.p. hourly, rather than agreed development of shift rates (16 per month), after which it was stated that in order to receive a full-fledged zp need to work out the number of hours which did not appear anywhere. That is, it is really necessary to work out not 15, but 18 shifts in order to receive the agreed amount. After all this, according to the calculation results, for the worked month I was paid 6000 rubles. instead of stipulated 12, which was justified by my unwillingness to work further and minus zp premiums for the reporting period. That is, in fact, s.p. structurally cut when trying to quit. The arguments of the leadership are very diverse: an indication of the labor market, pressure on the human factor, if this does not help, then the highest measure is used - operating with the fact that the employment is not formalized. Although everything has been done by the employee and the form of official employment has been made. The office is clearly designed for meek nonresident, of whom the constructive majority works in it. A constant illusion of a friendly team and social security is created, which has no support for itself. In fact, workers are being exploited, promising brilliant career growth. In running positions, a terrible turnover of personnel, which is actively used by management. A very strong bureaucratic apparatus, which, in fact, allows in any case to be legally clean. Now about the little things: the leadership is tough, although it is constantly trying to emphasize a friendly attitude - in principle, a normal state of affairs. The food is disgusting. Despite the emphasis on learning in the process, nobody is going to teach you anything, career growth is also very dubious - there is a great chance to just quit. So, summing up: a provincial-oriented corporation, clearly used, enjoys the resignation of workers,

    mda ... you, clients, are not afraid to trust such tortured people? :) Related

    link What you need to know so that you are not “upset” by the employer, just look through to the end, there are interesting comments.

    ps this is not an order, as it might seem, I have some projects with this hoster myself, but I thought about it.

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