Intel will create server flash drives

    Next year, Intel will begin production of flash drives designed specifically for servers. This is reported by a number of online publications with reference to Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president of the company.

    A statement was made at the ongoing IDF forum. Mr. Gelsinger said that already in 2008, some servers will be produced without hard drives, instead of which NAND-based flash drives will be introduced. It is a natural phenomenon, given the growing popularity of such media in modern expensive laptops. True, similar devices for servers will be slightly different from existing ones and will be able to process up to several dozen data streams simultaneously. Of course, the amount of energy consumed by drives will also be reduced.

    As for the capacity, in this regard, at first, flash drives, of course, will not be able to compete with hard drives, and the cost of data storage will increase significantly. Nevertheless, according to the vice president of Intel, many consumers are willing to incur additional costs, having received in return increased reliability and impressive speed characteristics.

    The first such product Intel will be a 32-gigabyte flash drive, which will be released next year. Subsequently, the corporation plans to launch production of 64 and 128 GB models.

    via CNET

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