Google is losing ground in China

    In the world there are only a few countries in which Google is not the "number one search engine." But almost everywhere the situation is gradually “improving”, that is, Google is improving its position every year and reducing the gap with home-grown leaders. But there is one country in which Google’s share is not growing at all, but shrinking! This truly amazing information was published by the China IntelliConsulting Consulting Company ( PDF , in Chinese).

    According to the latest information, the Chinese search engine Baidu increased its share to 69.5%, that is, it added 7.6 percentage points during the year. The share of Google during this time decreased by 1.1 percentage points. up to 23%.

    All other players in the search market are far behind. Yahoo China's share ( website) fell 2.9 percentage points to 2.3%, and the share of the portal (Sogou search engine) fell by 1.4 percentage points. up to 1.8%.

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