AI in the animal’s body will be trained in the virtual world

    The notorious company Novamente has announced the start of an ambitious experiment that could end with the creation of superhuman artificial intelligence. As part of this experiment, the AI ​​program will be launched into a virtual world inhabited by human avatars. The goal is self-study of the program and preparation for its implementation in real reality.

    The plan for teaching AI through virtual reality was announced by the director and leading scientist of the company Ben Goertzel. Recall, this is the same Goertzel, who stated that artificial intelligence is easier to create than Windows Vista .

    Ben Goertzel is sure that the appearance of superhuman AI is the most important condition for the onset of the singularity and the transition of mankind to a qualitatively new level of development. After his birth, he will begin to very quickly raise his own level, and the onset of the singularity will become a matter of several years, or even months.

    All the details of the AI ​​self-study program will be announced in October at the Virtual Worlds conference . It can be assumed that the place of self-learning will be the game Second Life, which is the most realistic simulator of human civilization from all available multiplayer online games.

    Ben Goertzel says that virtual worlds are an ideal space for training AI software, because here the program can communicate with hundreds of thousands and millions of people who will be teachers and teach AI new things. Every day the program will solve increasingly complex problems.

    In order for the program to become aware of the fact of its own existence over time, it will be equipped with a virtual avatar of an animal, most likely a dog. “Equipping artificial intelligence with the body seems to be the best way to get it to truly learn and understand,” Goertzel says.

    Other scientists use robots as a container for an AI program, but this requires too complicated programming, and the identity of such an AI can turn out to be unacceptably far from human. A dog is a better option.

    To implement and train AI in the virtual world, an auxiliary program will be used, which is created by The Electric Sheep by order of Novamente. Most likely, the supporting program will receive a parrot avatar and will help the main AI learn languages ​​and communicate with people at the verbal level.

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