Invisible ink VersaInk

    Company G7 Productivity Systems announced sales invisible under ordinary light. Ink VersaInk Invisible UV (Ultra-Violet) Florescent Ink become visible only under ultraviolet light. The G7 currently offers invisible ink cartridges for Lexmark, Hewlett Packard, Canon, and VersaJette inkjet printers.

    According to the manufacturer, using VersaInk Invisible Florescent Ink you can easily protect documents by applying tags and signs that are visible only in ultraviolet light (blue fluorescent color) for subsequent authentication. In order to print using these inks, it is enough to simply replace the standard cartridge with a VersaInk Invisible Florescent Ink cartridge. No further action is required.

    The cost of one cartridge, depending on the printer model, ranges from $ 30 (Canon BCI-15MX) to $ 70 (HP 45).
    via IXBT , Marketwire

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