Immerse CMS

    I did not find an article searching for a relatively new CMS - Immerse. Therefore, I decided to write it myself.

    Translation from the official site:
    Immerse CMS is a free content management system written in PHP. Many of its flexible advantages, such as Media Manager, plug-in architecture, AJAX, in-line editing of CSS and JavaScript files, will save time working on your site. "

    The system is quite attractive in its appearance and capabilities. Of particular interest is the rather original plug-in and component architecture: Using the built-in management tool, you can manually change the code of an existing add-in, or write (as well as load from a file) a new one. For example:
    [plugin item = "vanilla" cache = "false" method = "welcome_message"] The
    vanilla plugin is called, with caching disabled. The method string is used as the call parameter (in this case, the Vanilla forum greeting message).
    Tags of this kind replace php code that would have to be inserted on the desired page. In other words, snippets, as you like.

    Screenshot of the main page:

    Screenshot of the control panel:

    Although the system still exists in the second beta version, there is a rather similar functionality in it:

    Multilingual Websites
    Using the functions of dictionaries to dynamically change the language of pages, depending on the language settings of visitors.

    Advanced User Management & Permissions
    The ability to differentiate the rights to view / edit content to specific users / groups. Also announced the development of bridges to many popular blogs and forums, which will create a single registration for the entire site.

    Unlimited Content with Manageable Structure
    Unlimited content nesting, unlimited site size.
    (although this is almost everywhere now)

    Search Engine Friendly URLs
    The clean link system of this CMS reminded me very much of Drupal, although everything is much simpler there. Here you can choose the page extension (or not select it at all).

    Advanced Site User Statistics
    A system for collecting site statistics. However, it’s pretty standard, although the authors describe it like this:
    “Many website owners pay for the collection of statistics, and we provide you with a powerful and free collection system built into the CMS.”

    Template Based Pages
    Full control over website design. All service elements are described by special tags (for example, [component item = "MenuGenerator" current = "[page item = 'id']"] for the menu). Very similar to Joomla! ..

    Built-In File Management
    Built-in file manager.

    WYSIWYG Editor Support Support
    for popular WYSIWYG editors, which, however, are installed separately.

    Intelligent Caching
    Immerse caches pages to quickly open and save channel. For certain elements, caching can (and should) be disabled (for example, for the comment component).

    In general, the impressions are the most positive. The system is much simpler than Jumla and Drupal, although it is inferior to the latter in functionality. In case of interest in it, I will be engaged in the translation of documentation. :)

    Link to the official site .

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