Top 10 films for entrepreneurs.

    While surfing the net, I came across Startupblog and I liked the idea of ​​publishing here a list of films most useful to entrepreneurs. Maybe someone will find it interesting. There he is:

    1. (documentary) link
    2. Pirates of Silicon Valley. (Pirates of Silicon Valley) (boring, but insightful) link
    3. Office space. Office Space (motivation to "escape") link
    4. Fight club. Fight Club (bootstrapping, viral marketing) link
    5. Corporation. The Corporation (do not act like them) reference
    6. 7 up Series. (dreams and mistakes) link
    7. Prison Break (strategy, contingencies, unions) link (there are many other episodes)
    8. Jerry Maguire. (courage) link
    9. Wall-Street. Wall Street (game, politics, money) link
    10. To reach heaven (my choice)link

    via. Start UP Blog
    PS: For your convenience, I added emule movies links. If suddenly they don’t work, then look in p2p networks for all this.

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