"Classmates" launched a Youtube clone

    The creators of the social network Odnoklassniki.Ru launched a new video service in Runet - Videogaga . In terms of functionality, it is almost no different from YouTube and its “clones”: downloading and viewing videos divided into groups by topics, video search function, the ability to rate watched videos, add them to favorites, comment, send messages to video authors, send links to friends by email and upload videos to your web pages.

    However, users are not allowed to upload videos that show famous people, cartoon or movie characters, ads or links to other sites, erotica or pornography, or videos that may offend other users or infringe on copyrights. The bet, apparently, was made precisely on the originality of the downloaded content.

    According to Alber Popkov, project manager at Odnoklassniki.Ru: “Undoubtedly, the development and improvement of the service will take place continuously. The project is completely independent - we provide a service to all users, without requiring them to register for any other services, including classmates. We focus primarily on videos shot by users themselves. All content is moderated, commercial video, stolen or not, is deleted. I hope that this is what will be appreciated by users who make videos on their own, regardless of whether they use mobile phones or professional cameras. ”

    Thus, another clone of YouTube appeared in RuNet - following RuTube, Video.Mail, Rambler-Vision, etc. It is not known whether the creators will be able to achieve popularity and high traffic, but the copyright problems that YouTube cannot overcome are their , apparently, will not touch. PS


    Clones are coming ...)) tested the service, a little damp.

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