Samsung SC-X300L camcorder: leave your hands free

    Samsung has announced the release of an interesting novelty - a compact video camera, the lens of which can be attached to the head (connected to the main unit with a cable). Samsung Sports Camcorder SC-X300L, the so-called this gadget, is quite suitable for recording video when you need to leave your hands free.

    The size of the camera itself does not exceed the dimensions of a pack of cigarettes (or a deck of cards, as you prefer), but Samsung has also shoved a voice recorder with an MP3 player into these volumes. Recording is carried out on a 2 GB SD card, which allows you to save up to 22 minutes of video with a resolution of 720 × 480. True, the videos are written in their own Samsung format, so you need to download and install special software to watch them.

    For Life Blogging ExperimentsSC-X300L is unlikely to fit: 22 minutes of video does not fit in with the recording of a lifetime 24 hours a day. Use for any socially useful purposes, as, for example, in the case of cameras "mounted" in police caps , is also doubtful. But the idea of ​​a compact camera with a lens that can be “screwed” to the top, which is equipped with a voice recorder and an MP3 player, is quite interesting in itself. True, the price is very embarrassing: $ 449.

    via CNET

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