Pentagon implants microchips in soldiers brains

    The US Department of Defense has funded a contract to develop special microchips that can be implanted in the brains of soldiers and constantly monitor their health. On his laptop, the officer will see how many percent of health each fighter has left, so that he will be able to more effectively manage the available forces. The contract for the development of implants in the amount of $ 1.6 million was given to the Center for Microelectronics, Biosensors and Biochips .

    InVivo Biochipswill work 24 hours a day, constantly transmitting to the center information on the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, as well as other parameters. The soldiers themselves did not take this information very favorably - they are afraid that their health will be monitored even in their free time, that is, they will not be able to drink or smoke weed imperceptibly from their superiors.

    The first task of biochips is saving lives. In battle, it is very important to provide first aid to a wounded soldier in time so that he does not die from blood loss. The chip implant accurately and quickly shows the current state of the person.

    However, the general "cyborgization" of the American army will not happen soon. The first tests of the chip in humans will begin only in five years, and experiments on soldiers - in about six years.

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