Measuring context

    Begun conducted a large survey of advertisers, wondering how they measure the effectiveness of contextual advertising.
    As a result, the following numbers were obtained:
    “So far, no way” - 14%
    “I am interviewing customers” - 11%
    “I look at site statistics” - 44%
    “I count phone calls” - 14%
    “I intuitively evaluate” - 10%
    Other - 8%

    [more info here ]

    Compared to the last such survey, the percentage of people counting calls to the office has grown significantly. I attribute this primarily to the increase in the number of advertisers using the Context Call, as well as our educational activities - stories about measuring performance on a blog and regular newsletters.

    Well, so far I have not posted in a long blog, I remind you that in June, COMCON specifically for "Runner" once again measured the popularity of contextual advertising among the Moscow Internet audience. The study showed that 62% of the weekly Moscow Internet audience know what contextual online advertising is. The proportion of those who know about contextual advertising among working users is even higher - 65%, compared with 57% in February. Among those who work in companies advertising on the Internet, contextual advertising has an idea of ​​70% (in February this figure was 62%).

    In the second quarter of 2007, Internet users were most interested in contextual advertising on the topics “Education”, “Acquaintances”, “Auto”, “Leisure and Recreation” and “Industrial Goods”. [more details here]

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